Let's Go For a Ride!

Les behind the wheel, loving his new hair.

My sexy slingshot pose

Dad opening gifts at his 75th birthday party

One of my favorite things about my new slingshot (Snowbird) is giving rides to those who have never ridden in one before. I love seeing their reactions. 

For example, at my dad's 75th birthday party, I spent the night giving rides to everyone. I really enjoyed sharing rides with my aunts who each had different reactions.

First, my Oklahoma aunt had a big smile on her face and said that it was "almost like riding a horse." I loved that analogy.  I used to love riding horse as a kid, but after I fell off Patches, who bucked me off straight onto my head, I lost my desire to ride. Since then, I have been terrified of horses, yet I have always regretted not getting back on. I guess it's true that a person should just get back on so they don't have to live in fear. Luckily, with my slingshot, I experience the same open-air riding I did as a child on a horse...without the fear. One of these days, I am taking old Snowbird down to Oklahoma so I can give my aunt another ride!

My youngest aunt also smiled the whole ride, and I suspect she is a biker chic at heart. She commented how smooth and comfortable the ride was. She was one of the first ones in line for a ride and I suspect if her hubby enjoyed it, she would buy a slingshot of their own too. 

My third aunt (the fiery red head) was a bit more cautious. I had a hard time reading if she really enjoyed the ride because we only went for a short trip. I am wondering if she prefers her rides with four wheels, which is fine, but perhaps a longer ride would convince her.

I also gave rides to my cousins and their kiddoes. I enjoyed seeing their reactions as well. My cowboy cousin laughed most of the way to town where we got some gas. He got an extra-long ride and totally got a kick out of Snowbird as we sped our way down the highway. I can still hear his laugh and I wonder if he will be thinking about Snowbird when he gets behind the wheel of all those tractors he drives.

Later on, when I took his ten-year-old son for a spin, I watched as the young boy's big eyes sparkled as we drove away.  We were told to make it quick because they were heading home, and I saw disappointment in his eyes flash for a second. So, I asked him if we should maybe go a little farther than the end of the driveway. He shyly nodded his head in excitement, so we went a little farther than the others. The grin on his face was so priceless.  He smiled the entire time. Since he is a farm boy who was used to driving at a young age, I probably could have let him drive ME but I wasn't sure mom or dad would approve. Later on I marveled at him backing up the pickup. Man, those farm boys are survivors!

I was also glad to spend time with my other cousin's teen son who told me all about his dream to take over his dad's farm. He took pride in taking care of their farm equipment. He was also worried about being diagnosed with Lyme's disease. It was so nice to kick it down behind the wheel and still be able to talk a bit. I hadn't really gotten to know him before then, but I sure found him to be a nice kid. It reminded me that often the best place to get to know teens and their worries/dreams is behind the wheel. So, if you have a hard time communicating with your teen, plan a trip and begin the conversation behind the wheel. It's amazing what you can learn.

I did notice that none of my uncles volunteered to take a ride. It's probably because I don't have the "cowboy hat" attachment to keep their hats in place as we soar through the open air. I am thinking I should come up with that invention so maybe they dare go for a ride with me next time I see them. 

It's amazing how much fun it is behind the wheel of a slingshot. Not only do I love driving, but I love seeing the priceless reactions of those I take with me. It truly is the highlight of my summer to see someone's reaction. I am wondering if I shouldn't just start a ride service just so I can bring a little adventure to others in the area...and make some money to pay off ole Snowbird!

The Adventure Begins...

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